Welltech CO2 Purifier is designed for office use to absorb the CO2 to keep the environment's CO2 level as fresh air

Direct CO2 absorption.  No need to supply fresh air from outside for the system. 

New IAQ standard for office and public area required CO2 level < 1000ppm as a standard of good quality environment.     Normally,   the buidling is using central conditioning air to flush the room air to reduce the CO2 level, but it can only keep the CO2 around  at 2000ppm.   By using our CO2 purifiers, it can filter the CO2 to 35ppm and it can reduce the air to meet room CO2 <1000ppm standard.   

Working Principle

  • Filtering

  • Regeneration
  • Air passing the purifier , CO2 will
  • be captured by the catalyst
  • During regeneration, high
  • concentrate CO2 will be purged out

LCD Touch Screen Controller

  • Siemen PLC

  • Operation mode
  • LCD touch screen controller.
  • Digital display
  • Manual control
  • Time control or
  • CO2 level control


  • Office Area
  • Meeting Room
  • Teaching Room
  • Car Park
  • Shopping Mall
  • Market
  • Smoking Room
  • Hospital
  • Pet Clinic
  • Hotel
  • Bus
  • MRT
  • Film storage house (keep CO2 <1 ppm)
  • etc